Sharing Music With Blip – The Good And The Not So Good (Updated)


Blip is a social networking site for sharing, “what are you listening to?”. If you think it sounds a lot like Twitter, you’re exactly right. It works in almost the same way except instead of letting people know that you just drank a delicious milkshake, you can share the music you’re listening to. You can do a search by song or artist and Blip will pull music from SeeqPod that you can preview and then “blip” to your friends. You can also leave a message (150 characters or less) to go along with your song. You can also cross post to Twitter, Pownce, FriendFeed, and Tumblr – sort of. This is where I had an issue with Blip. When I chose a song and then typed a brief message explaining why I chose that song, it posted fine to Blip. When I jumped over to my Twitter profile, I noticed that it had not posted my message at all. This is exactly what it said, “listening to Uncle John’s Band – The Greatful Dead at”. I was a little perturbed that what I posted to Blip was completely different than what appeared on my Twitter profile.

My final thoughts? Well, I think Blip is great for people who want a place to quickly share music with a group of friends and hear what their friends are listening to. Twitter isn’t for everyone and Blip is great for doing what it wants to do, share music. I won’t, however, be cross posting to any other sites using Blip unless this issue is fixed.  Update:  I was contacted by the guys at Blip about the Twitter posting catastrophe and they completely fixed the problem!  Now your message will show up on Twitter as it does on Blip.  Thanks guys! I currently use Songza to post songs I like to Twitter, and I think I’ll stick with them for that purpose. Here’s my screencast tour of Blip:

Click Here To Watch The Screencast 2m26s

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3 Responses to “Sharing Music With Blip – The Good And The Not So Good (Updated)”

  1. 1 Ian

    Hi Demo Girl,

    Thanks for this writeup of Blip, I’m one of the developers at Fuzz who made it.

    We actually had to choose part of the message to post to Twitter because of the 140 character limit. We thought it made most sense to post the song and artist along with a link back to the message on Blip. All of the other services post the entire message along with the song you’re listening to (they don’t have a character limit).

    Please email me, I’d like to hear what you’d like posted to Twitter.


  2. Thanks for the explanation, Ian. I’ll send you my thoughts.

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