Use Launchy To Unclutter Your Desktop (Windows Only)


I have this weird obsession with needing to have a perfectly organized, clean, clutter-free desktop at all times. I almost find it hard to work sometimes knowing that behind my browser window there may lurk a disorderly mess of shortcut icons and unorganized files. I assure you this has nothing to do with the way I live the rest of my life because I think I define the word disorganized, but I digress…

Launchy is a great application and program launcher that not only allows you to quickly access items on your computer without going to your start menu or needing quick-start icons, but it’s also pretty much invisible until you summon it. Once installed, all you need to do to access your programs is hit alt + space bar and the Launchy window will appear. Just start typing in the name of whatever you’re looking for and Launchy will find it as well as auto suggest other possible matches. You can change the skin of Launchy and tell it what directories and file types you would like included in your results. There are also a bunch of skins and plug-ins that you can download here. If you want to quickly access a website from Launchy, you can do that too – you just need to add it in the catalog of websites in the plug-in, Weby. It’s a handy little tool that I’ve known about for a while but just never got around to trying out. Here’s my screencast tour of Launchy:

Click Here To Watch The Screencast 2m36s

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6 Responses to “Use Launchy To Unclutter Your Desktop (Windows Only)”

  1. 1 wisher

    Does it work like Vista Start Search or Launchy offers more features?

  2. 2 sensho

    Really amazing application. I was looking for something like that since many time ago.

    Thanks for discovering us this tool

  3. Wisher – It works a little like Vista Start Search but, in my opinion, better. First of all, you don’t need to click on your start button to start searching, just use your keyboard. That way no matter what I’m doing I can just hit alt + space bar and immediately start searching. Also, you can access your bookmarks and websites from Launchy, which is useful for someone like me who has a ton of sites bookmarked and not necessarily organized all that well.

  4. I love Launchy – you’re right, it really ended up clearing my desktop. I smack myself for not starting to use it sooner.

  5. demogirl – Within Vista you only need to hit the Window button on your keyboard to start searching. Launchy is good if you’re stuck with XP, however it’s really kind of redundant in Vista.

  6. lazyindustries – I understand that you can search for programs fairly quickly in Vista but as I said in my previous comment, you can access websites that you frequent as well. It’s not for everyone, but Launchy has really grown on me and helps me find what I need quicker than a regular Vista search.

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