4 Firefox Extensions Explained In Under 4 Minutes


People like to browse the web in so many different ways, and that’s why it’s great that there are so many different types of Firefox Extensions to please just about everyone. With that said, these 4 Extensions may not be for everyone, but they could be just what someone out there needs to make their browsing experience more enjoyable.

Craigzilla allows you to view personalized craigslist ads, right in your browser window. After you install it, you just need to set up the preferences to match what you are looking for. You can set it up to auto alert you after a specified amount of time, displaying new ads that match your query. It’s a great tool if you’re looking for something specific on craigslist but don’t have the time to keep checking back to see if there are new ads.

FlagTab is a great tool for people who like to keep their tabs organized by color coding them. After installing FlagTab, you just need to double click on a tab and it will change colors. Every time you double click, the color will change again and again. You can customize the colors of the tabs and the font that appears in the tabs. I know it’s not for everyone, but some people really like to keep their sh!t organized 🙂 .

Shrinkify is probably the most ridiculous Firefox Extension I’ll ever review on DemoGirl because it doesn’t really need a screencast. It does one thing, shrinks a long URL. The reason I chose to share it is because it does it so quickly and you literally don’t have to put forth any effort. Simply right click on any page with a long URL and it’s automatically copied to your clipboard. From there, you just need to paste it wherever you want to share it. Short and sweet.

Netopi allows anyone to leave and read reviews about any site on the web. Of course, you need to install it first but then any time you’re on a site that you’d like to make a comment on, just click on the Netopi icon and your sidebar will pop open. This is where you can leave your comment about the site and read what other Netopi users have said. You can also remain anonymous and not sign up for a Netopi account, which I really like. The site reviews are pretty minimal right now because not enough people are using Netopi but it could turn into a really nice way to see what people think of your site without forcing them to comment on a specific post. It could also turn out to be a great hangout for spammers. Only time will tell.

If you’d like to see all of these Extensions in action, click the link below to watch a 4 minute screencast:

Click Here To Watch The Screencast 3m56s

Want this screencast on your site? Click here to get the code for this and other DemoGirl screencasts!

4 Responses to “4 Firefox Extensions Explained In Under 4 Minutes”

  1. Hi Molly.

    Very nice to see DemoGirl listed by Josh Catone as a great place to find screencasts. I know he wasn’t rating sites, but I still think DemoGirl should have been right at the top of his list!

    Shrinkify looks like something I need. Unfortunately, the download link at the Shrinkify site is broken this morning.


  2. Thanks for the heads up on the Shrinkify link, Paul. Try going here:
    And yes, I was extremely happy with Josh’s post on RWW. It really made my day!

  3. Impressed with the Shrinkify one, haven’t come across that one yet.

  4. 4 John Houston

    I have grown so tired of Craigslist sometimes. I have found other places like, GoGinzo.com, Kijiji.com, and BackPage.com where I can post without so much difficulty. Just my two cents

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