FeedFlix Showed Me What A Rotten Netflix Member I Am


I’ll never forget how excited I was to receive my first Netflix movie in the mail.  Pulling apart the perforated edges was like unwrapping a gift I had already peeked at on Christmas morning – still excited as heck even though I knew what was inside.  Apparently I held quite a bit of affection for that little red envelope because I kept it in my possession for 3 weeks after watching the movie.  In all honesty, it sat on my desk because I have some sort of problem with “real” mailboxes.  Since then, I’ve tried to be better at remembering to send in my movies so I can get the most out of the membership that I pay for.  At least I thought I was getting better, but FeedFlix just showed me that I’m ripping myself off.

FeedFlix allows you to view your Netflix habits on a chart and shows you how much money you’re actually spending based on how many movies you receive each month.  Since I suck at returning my movies, I pay $5.00 a movie even though my membership would allow me to have as many movies as I want for $9.00 a month.  Besides just showing you how well you use your membership, FeedFlix also pulls all of your viewing history and reviews onto one page that you can share with your friends.  All you need to do is enter in your personal RSS feed from your Netflix account into FeedFlix.  From there, FeedFlix grabs the data and gives you a personal URL that you can share.  This may not sound that interesting, but if your friends don’t have a Netflix account they can’t see what you’re watching or read reviews you’ve written.  So if they’re trying to figure out a movie to rent they can check out what you’ve been watching and read your opinion, if you’ve written a review.  It could be a really fun way to decide what you want to watch next.  Here’s my screencast tour of FeedFlix:

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