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Cubescape is a site designed to make you the least productive person at work today. Seriously, it will. That is unless you have my job, in which case playing with sites like Cubescape is required. In a nutshell,  Cubescape lets you create 3-D art by simply dropping cubes onto a canvas. You can even blow […]

I have to say, whoever came up with the idea to hold a contest for the best screencasts for Firefox support, deserves a big, fat, raise.  It’s really an interesting idea and it gets people who love Firefox a chance to have their work out there to help other Firefox users.  Why do I think […]

Penzu is a great tool for anyone who really likes to write, but doesn’t necessarily want to blog about their romantic vacation with the entire world.  It gives you a way to keep an online journal that actually resembles a journal, right down to a plain white piece of paper.  Each entry has its own […]

As most of you may know, the way we monetize DemoGirl is by creating custom screencasts for various Web companies. Sometimes I need to keep these private and can’t share them on DemoGirl but when possible, I like to show you some of the things I’ve been doing — especially when I find the services […]

It’s Friday, and you know what that means! It’s time to show you some useful applications in the quickest amount of time – hence the name, quickcast. Today I’m featuring some Applications built on Adobe Air that I think are pretty useful, and fun. One to make reading your RSS Feeds more exciting, one to […]

ReadAir is an application built on Adobe Air that brings your Google Reader to your desktop. First of all, it doesn’t resemble Google Reader in any way, aesthetically speaking. It has a lot of the same features that Google Reader has, but in a much sleeker interface. You can log in right away with your […]

There’s this person I know, I’ll just call her Mom for the sake of this post, who is notorious for checking into a hotel and then switching rooms over and over because something is just not right. I never really had a problem with this because we always ended up getting a great room and […]