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Blip is a social networking site for sharing, “what are you listening to?”. If you think it sounds a lot like Twitter, you’re exactly right. It works in almost the same way except instead of letting people know that you just drank a delicious milkshake, you can share the music you’re listening to. You can […]

Last Monday I promised you another healthy dose of fun applications to accompany Twitter, and here they are: Tweetshots is a handy tool that allows you to automatically post screenshots of tweets to tumblr, or email them to friends.  Whenever you see an interesting tweet, just click on the tweetshots bookmarklet and a screenshot will […]

Here we are again my lovely DemoGirl readers. It’s Friday and you’re ready to punch that time card and head out for the weekend. I know that attention spans can be minimized in the afternoon on one of the greatest days of the week, so I’ve decided to profile three applications in just three minutes […]

Readbag is a link bookmarking site that runs on Google Apps. It has quite an attractive interface and since it runs on Google Apps, you can log in using your Google account. It’s very simplistic in that it’s really just a place to store links to read later. It’s not really supposed to do the […]

Do you ever wander around your neighborhood coffee shop and wonder, “Now where did I put my laptop? They all look the same!”? Of course you don’t. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t tag your laptop so it stands out from the crowd. That’s where the website of the day, Schtickers comes in. Schtickers is […]

I’ve noticed that over the past few weeks Twitter has been receiving a lot of attention.  Seriously, it’s being talked about at dinner parties, at happy hour, and all over the Internet.  It could be that my friends and I just don’t have anything better to talk about or it could be that Twitter is […]

Presdo is an online scheduling application that helps you to quickly, and attractively, schedule events with a group of people.  It’s very minimalistic from the get go, only requiring you to type in what you want to do with your guests before bringing you to another page where you can add locations and more event […]