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If you’ve been toying with the notion of starting your own blog but are afraid that it’s too hard to set up and post new content, then posterous is probably just what you’ve been looking for.  Posterous allows you to not only create your very first blog post just like you would send out an […]

Here are three sites that have absolutely nothing to do with each other, other than the fact that they all require you to type in some text in order to use them.  Happy Friday… Soungle is a search engine for sound effects.  It’s pretty straightforward – Enter in the sound you want to hear, like […]

Jogli calls itself “the search engine for music” and I think that’s a bit of an understatement.  Jogli gives you access to over a half a billion songs and 12 million albums which you can play for free and create playlists to listen to later.  So yeah, it searches, but it also allows you to […]

What is one to do when one is forgetful?  Well,  you could set up reminders on one service for birthdays, another for wake-up calls, and another to help you remember all of the other little things you think of throughout the day.  You could also create alerts for everything you need to keep up on […]

If you were one of the more than 8 million people to download Firefox 3 in 24 hours, then you deserve a little something, don’t ya think?  Thankfully, the people at Mozilla haven’t forgot about us little people who, even though may be a little perturbed that all of her bookmarks were lost, made this […]

Yesterday, in my world, everyone seemed to be talking about Firefox 3 and whether or not they had downloaded it, how great it was, and the problems they were having.  But after I left my make-shift office to meet some friends to watch the AMAZING Celtics/Lakers game, I realized that not everyone was as pumped […]

A couple of months ago, some friends and I were looking to have a nice dinner, some drinks, and good conversation, but we couldn’t find anything open.  The problem was that it was the middle of the week and it was after 10pm, and a lot of places in San Francisco aren’t open all that […]

It’s finally here, folks!  Friday is upon us.  This is no ordinary Friday though, because if you’ve looked at the date on your calendar you’d see that it’s Friday the 13th!  Spooky, and for me, not so good because I got into a bit of a fender bender this morning while moving my car for […]

When I was in high school, and on and off there after, I would religiously take my car to the same mechanic, no matter what the cost.  I trusted him to no end because he seemed so honest.  I found him because he came across my Uncle on the side of the road, who had […]

Retaggr allows you to create a virtual business card, that you can put almost anywhere on the web, and share all of your web activity, in one organized location. Your profile card contains any information you wish to share because it’s all customizable. You can add your social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, your […]