Plurk Explained In Less Than 140 Characters


How is it possible to define “Twitter-like” Plurk in such a short post?  With a 5 minute screencast of course!

Click Here To Watch The Screencast 5m25s

Want this screencast on your site?  Click here to get the code for this and other DemoGirl screencasts!

5 Responses to “Plurk Explained In Less Than 140 Characters”

  1. 1 jjm

    Pownce has more bounce for the ounce. Plurk = Jerk

  2. There’s no need for name calling. I wouldn’t even compare Pownce and Plurk anyway…

  3. 3 Mary S

    Thank you for you Plurk web cast. I’m still thinking about signing up but at least now i have something to go back to if I do go to Plurk

  4. 4 rez0

    Nice review ‘n screencast, keep it on.

  5. Great screencast. I made one too – obviously not as professional as yours, but I try 😉

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