Two Ways That Anyone Can Add A Reflection To An Image


Have you ever wanted to add a nice reflection to your photo but thought that it would be impossible to do without photoshop? The thing is, you don’t really need photoshop to do basic editing because of all of the new web based applications. You can edit and add effects to your photos today with services like Picnik, Aviary, and even Photoshop Express. But what about for the really simple task of just adding a reflection? I found two services today, that do just that, and only that.

Picreflect allows you to first choose the settings for your reflection, like transparency, size, and background color. Then you just need to upload an image or enter in a URL and it automatically generates your image with a lovely reflection, which you can download. The only downside to Picreflect is that every time you want to adjust the settings for your reflection, you need to go back and re-set everything and upload the image again. Real-time reflection image editing would be very cool, but it’s so easy to use that I’ll take it anyway.

WaveMyPic instantly adds a reflection to your image but it also turns it into an animated GIF, so it looks like a pool of water. WaveMyPic is even easier to use than Picreflect because you can’t really customize it at all. You just need to upload an image and WaveMyPic does the rest. If you like looking all psychedelic and tripped out then you can share it on your social networking site or email it to friends.

Both Picreflect and WaveMyPic are featured in the screencast below:

Click Here To Watch The Screencast 2m5s

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