GeoSpot Will Help You Find Something To Eat Now, Right Now…If You Live In The Bay Area


A couple of months ago, some friends and I were looking to have a nice dinner, some drinks, and good conversation, but we couldn’t find anything open.  The problem was that it was the middle of the week and it was after 10pm, and a lot of places in San Francisco aren’t open all that late during the week.  I don’t know why, but that seems to be the case.  Well, we ended up at a restaurant/wine bar that had nice ambiance, but the food left something to be desired.  We had no choice in the matter, though.  We just couldn’t find anything else that was open.  This brings me to GeoSpot – a service that allows you to do a deep search so you can not only search for where to eat, but where to eat NOW.

It’s a very basic concept, actually, and you can use it at home or on your mobile phone.  You enter in what you’re looking for (ie. pizza, cookies, martini), where you want to eat/drink it, and what time you want to do it (ie. now, 6am, after 10pm).  GeoSpot will give you a list of results that are only able to service you at the time you’re requesting.  You can even search for related results, view business information, and get directions.  Now, this may seem like a novelty if you’re at home and you have the time to search for a specific restaurant and see what time they serve until.  But, if you’re out and about and need a giant burrito to soak up the 15 tequila shots you just did, then GeoSpot on your mobile phone may save you a nasty hangover in the morning.  Just be warned that the GeoSpot blog says it’s really focused on the San Francisco Bay area for now.  I didn’t know that until just posting this. Here’s my screencast tour of GeoSpot:

Click Here To Watch The Screencast 2m2s

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One Response to “GeoSpot Will Help You Find Something To Eat Now, Right Now…If You Live In The Bay Area”

  1. Hi Molly,

    you created a cool screencast last year when we launched the mobile version of our local search for “what’s open”, so I thought I would give you an update.

    Back then, we only had data for the Bay Area and some in the rest of California.

    Today we have announced reaching a major milestone – national (US) coverage by GeoSpot “deep” data. That includes search by open hours and by other data types in major metropolitan areas and thousands of other cities across the country.

    Some of the data types users can search for include kid friendly, dog (or pet) friendly, even restrooms, and we are adding more.



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