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Yesterday, in my world, everyone seemed to be talking about Firefox 3 and whether or not they had downloaded it, how great it was, and the problems they were having.  But after I left my make-shift office to meet some friends to watch the AMAZING Celtics/Lakers game, I realized that not everyone was as pumped up about Firefox 3 as I was.  As we huddled around the table, one person said, “so, did everyone download Firefox 3 today?!” and the other 6 people sort of looked at each other and one even said, “oops!  I forgot”.  I then briefly mentioned how 90% of my bookmarks were lost and how one of my most needed features, that allows you to quit Firefox but save all of your tabs, didn’t even work.  So, even though Firefox seems to have broken a world record for most downloads in 24 hours, it doesn’t seem to be a priority for everyone, and I’m probably going to switch back to the previous version later today (thanks Paul!).  With that said, I still decided to create a screencast showing off some of the features you’ll see after you download it.

Let me start with the “awesome bar”, as Mozilla likes to call it.  The awesome bar is what is also known as the address bar in your browser, or what my Mom likes to call, the place where you type in “Google”.  It’s supposed to predict what you’re looking for by suggesting websites you frequent and bookmarked sites that you’ve tagged, right when you start typing.  So, if I simply type a “g”, Google would appear first, since that’s the site I frequent most that starts with the letter “g”.  At first I was really annoyed with the awesome bar because there’s no way to disable it and when I create screencasts, I don’t need a list of websites appearing when I’m typing in my address bar.  Thankfully, this morning I came accross a video showing how to turn it off!  I can see how it will be useful, but it’s not for me.  Firefox 3 has also made bookmarking and organizing sites easier and allows you to search for and install add-ons right from your “tools” add-ons menu.  There is increased security, quick zooming in and out, and a better way to manage your passwords.  If you’d like to see what else Firefox 3 has in store for you, watch the screencast below:

Click Here To Watch The Screencast 4m18s

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  1. 1 bfos7215

    I had issues with session saving too. But, this ability is built in to Firefox 3. In the options, just tell it to start up with the last set of tabs and windows instead of your homepage.

    If your issue is like mine, that won’t be enough. In Firefox 2, I had Tab Mix Plus installed and used it as for my session saver. Well, sense TMP isn’t ready for Firefox 3, I think that was causing my issues with using the built in session saver. I was able to fix it by going to about:config and setting a couple of pretty obvious settings in the browser.sessionstore.* and browser.sessionhistory.* sections.

  2. 2 jesterttu

    July 18th? Screencast of the future!!

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