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What is one to do when one is forgetful?  Well,  you could set up reminders on one service for birthdays, another for wake-up calls, and another to help you remember all of the other little things you think of throughout the day.  You could also create alerts for everything you need to keep up on in one place,  Yes, as the name suggests, Alerts gives you one place to set up alerts for birthdays, gas prices, low airfare, hotel rates, weather, press releases, RSS feeds – you see where I’m going with this?  After you create your account, you simply select the various items you want to set alerts for.  You can enable your email and SMS and choose how you want to be alerted for each item and select specific days and times for each alert as well.  One feature I think is great, is that you can turn on “do not disturb”, and with one click, all of your alerts will be disabled until you choose to turn them back on.  You can also set specific time frames to shut off your alerts.  As of now, there are 15 different services you can choose to be alerted on and more are in the works.  If there isn’t one listed that you need, you can create a custom alert.  All in all, it’s a great place to get yourself on track with everything you need to remember but there’s one huge feature missing – a way to set alerts from your mobile device.  Here’s my screencast tour of

Click Here To Watch The Screencast 4m31s

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One Response to “ (Self-Explanatory Headline)”

  1. Thanks for the demo. I signed up for this right away. I use a lot at the moment, and while the design is quite dated and it doesn’t have the AJAX slickness of, it’s always worked quite well for me.

    Having just used for a few minutes, I found it a little sluggish (could be just my machine), and they seem to be getting some extra scrollbars in their modal windows on FF3.

    Still, I’ll give this a fair shot and see how it goes. I like the gas price alerts. Hopefully those will save me some $.

    Keep up the good work with the demos!

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