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BgPatterns is a neat tool which allows you to create different patterns that you can use for your wallpaper or on your blog or website.  It’s free to use and you don’t even need to register in order to create and download your patterns. You can start from scratch with one of their images which […]

Yesterday, in Southern California, there was an earthquake. Yeah, I know, big shocker. Some of you may know that I’m originally from Southern California and all of my immediate family lives there as well. I’m up in San Francisco now so I didn’t feel a thing and didn’t even hear about it on the news. […]

If you use an RSS reader and you’re a fan of Adobe Air Applications, then you may want to check out Apprise.  With Apprise, you can read story summaries, read the full story on the webpage itself, and share stories with friends via AIM and Twitter. After you install the application, you can add your […]

12seconds is a video lifestreaming service that allows you to post your updates in video form.  The only catch is that your video can be no longer, or shorter, than 12 seconds. When I first heard about 12seconds my initial thought was, “oh boy, another way to post your updates”.  But after trying it out […]

Yesterday, while I was talking to my Mom, I learned something fascinating.  Not everyone has, or even knows, what a Google account is.  As I was trying to explain to her what you can do with a Google account, I realized that nothing I was saying was sinking in.  I also realized that there are […]

TweetParty allows you to create groups out of your Twitter friends which you can then send direct messages to on Twitter. You need to create a separate account on TweetParty first and then enter in your Twitter credentials.  The first time you log into TweetParty it will download all of your Twitter friends, so if […]

Mixin is a lifestreaming service that allows you to post activities that you’re participating in and allows your friends to join in on the fun.  Think of it as Twitter, but different because it wants you and your friends to get out and do something together. After you sign up for Mixin you can create […]