Sendible Does Email, SMS, Reminders, And Twitter Updates Whenever You Tell It To


Sendible allows you to set scheduled emails, reminders, and even Twitter and Facebook updates.  It’s all done from one place, and you can keep track of all of your activity on your Sendible calendar.  You can also schedule SMS messages to be sent at any time from your Sendible account.  If you use Facebook, Sendible can even grab your friends birthdays and add them to your calendar.

Getting started seemed a bit messy, as I couldn’t find any way to add email contacts into my Sendible account without manually typing them in.  I did find that when I first signed into Sendible, it gave me the option of importing my hotmail contacts, but that option soon vanished and I was left to enter in my friends, one by one.  Once that was done though, Sendible sent out the scheduled emails right on time and even allows you to quickly group your contacts, which is great for sending out group emails or SMS messages.  There is a reminder feature which, obviously, will send you reminders via email or SMS, and you can schedule your Twitter and Facebook updates.  Unfortunately, every time I wanted to update to either service, I had to log back into the appropriate account, even if I didn’t log out of Sendible.  I think Sendible is really off to a great start but needs to clean up navigation around the site.  It took me a while to figure out exactly where to start and left me a bit frustrated when all I found in the help section was a welcome message. Here’s my screencast tour of Sendible:

Click Here To Watch The Screencast 4m26s

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6 Responses to “Sendible Does Email, SMS, Reminders, And Twitter Updates Whenever You Tell It To”

  1. 1 sendible

    Just to clarify, you can retrieve your email contacts from your Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail account, by clicking on the link at the top of the New Email Message page, just below where it says “New Email”. It should say something like: “Click here to login to your Gmail account so that we can retrieve your contacts for you. “

  2. Now I see that you can retrieve your hotmail contacts (thanks for clarifying), but it doesn’t say anything about Gmail or Yahoo!. Also, the “retrieving contacts” seems like it would be easier for people to find if it was located in the same place where you manually add contacts. I think people will go there first to start adding people and possibly get frustrated if they don’t see how to import contacts. All in all, Sendible is a great service and I hope you liked the screencast.

  3. 3 Nimish

    There’s a similar service called Zenbe which has an option of importing contacts from Hotmail, Yahoo!, Gmail etc. and also has Facebook and Twitter integration. It has an in-built calendar and to-do list. IMAP and Gmail-like conversations are coming. It also has a feature called ‘ZenPages’ where you can view all your media attached to your mails in one page. Really cool site with a slick interface. You should check it out!

  4. Thank you

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