Your New Facebook Profile – What It May Or May Not Look Like (Updated)


The new Facebook profiles are now ready for you to customize, tweak, and bitch about.  There’s just one thing you should know first – it’s just a test page, a lot of it doesn’t work, and nothing you do there will actually affect your live Facebook profile.  It should, hopefully, prepare you for an unavoidable change to something you look at every day.  As for my opinion?  I like it.

What you’ll probably notice first is that your profile photo is now on the right and your mini feed and wall posts are on the left.  There are also tabs that allow you to navigate to different areas of content within your profile which provides a much cleaner look.  Adding photos and video is also easier because you can do it right from your profile page.  You can rearrange the tabs into any order that you like and add new tabs for your favorite applications.  I think my favorite change is the fact that you can edit almost all of your profile sections right from your profile page.  Every section has an edit button and the changes are made in real time, so you’ll see the updates right away.

Now like I said, none of this affects your live Facebook profile just yet, and some of the features I mention here may not even make it past the testing phase.  If you want to check out your “new” profile, just log into Facebook and then go to  If you just want to watch, then the screencast below will give you a sneak peak:  Update:  As of now, I can’t seem to access my new profile anymore.  I’ll let you know if this changes.  You can still watch the screencast to see what your Facebook profile may look like.

Click Here To Watch The Screencast 2m50s

Want this screencast on your site?  Click here to get the embed code for this and other DemoGirl screencasts!

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7 Responses to “Your New Facebook Profile – What It May Or May Not Look Like (Updated)”

  1. Thanks a bunch for the preview, just tried and it redirects to
    I assume the test is limited to certain regions.

  2. Thanks, Majento. I updated with a link.

  3. 4 James

    I’m in the UK and this as Majento said redirects to – I guess it is only specific to certain regions.

  4. 5 ozzy

    mine works fine… 😀

  5. 6 Sean

    Unfortunately, Facebook still doesn’t allow you to change the layout / design on your profile page. Please sign this petition if you want more control over customizing your Facebook profile page:

  1. 1 Your New Facebook Profile…

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