Mixin Helps You And Your Friends Plan Activities Together


Mixin is a lifestreaming service that allows you to post activities that you’re participating in and allows your friends to join in on the fun.  Think of it as Twitter, but different because it wants you and your friends to get out and do something together.

After you sign up for Mixin you can create a profile with your photo, a custom background, and add links to your Twitter, flickr, and qik accounts.  From there, you just need to update your timeline with any events you’ll be participating in or you can “wish” for something.  Making a “wish” can be something like wanting to go hiking for the day or stating that you’d like to see a particular movie.  Your friends can do the same and you can follow each other to keep up with each others activities.  You can invite certain friends to join you in an activity and on the activity page you can post comments, suggestions, photos, and video.

All of your activities are on your agenda and you can filter your view by selecting certain types of events.  You can also choose to only view your own events, you and your real friends events, etc.  One thing that I really like about mixin is that you can choose specific people to be your “real friends” by placing a star next to their name.  That way, you can quickly see what the people you hang out with in real life are doing and decide if you want to join them.  If this sounds confusing to you, just think of it like this:

You’re sitting at home on a Friday afternoon and suddenly realize that you have no plans (happens to me all the time).  So, you can log into your mixin account and post that you’re free on Friday night and you’re up for anything, maybe a movie.  Now let’s say your friend Rita is thinking the same thing, “I’m bored and it’s Friday!”.  She logs into her mixin account and sees that you have no plans either or that you’re going to the movies by yourself.  Rita can then join the activity or suggest something for you guys to do.  She can add an exact location and invite some other people.  Before you know it, you’re surrounded by all of your friends and well on your way to a beauty of a hangover in the morning.  All thanks to mixin.

Mixin is also available on your mobile phone, over IM, or email.  You can choose to receive notifications via IM or email as well, so you’ll know right away when someone is planning an event.  You can also embed your mixin timeline on your blog or website.

Learn more about mixin by watching the screencast below:

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