Send Direct Messages To Groups Of Twitter Friends With TweetParty


TweetParty allows you to create groups out of your Twitter friends which you can then send direct messages to on Twitter.

You need to create a separate account on TweetParty first and then enter in your Twitter credentials.  The first time you log into TweetParty it will download all of your Twitter friends, so if you have thousands of friends then this step may take a minute or two.  After all of your friends have been synced into your TweetParty account you can simply create a name for your group, like co-workers, and then drag and drop each person you want added, underneath the group name.  That’s about as difficult as it gets.

When you want to send a message to a group of people on Twitter, whether it’s via IM, SMS, or the Web, you need to first add TweetParty as your friend.  Then simply send TweetParty a direct message, followed by your group name as a hashtag, and then the message.  The members of the group you created on TweetParty will receive a direct message and you only had to send out one tweet.

To see TweetParty in action, watch the screencast below:

Click Here To Watch Better Quality 1m42s

3 Responses to “Send Direct Messages To Groups Of Twitter Friends With TweetParty”

  1. 1 Ryan

    Great site! This is prob. the most useful twitter add-on site I’ve seen. Love the interface!

  2. Have you heard anything about twitter banning accounts for using this application?

  3. 3 naomi

    I’m not able to see all my followers. Can someone help? it seems like no one is responding at the tweetparty end.

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