12seconds – Just About How Long It Would Take You To Type Your Tweet


12seconds is a video lifestreaming service that allows you to post your updates in video form.  The only catch is that your video can be no longer, or shorter, than 12 seconds.

When I first heard about 12seconds my initial thought was, “oh boy, another way to post your updates”.  But after trying it out for a while today, I can definitely see how this could catch on.  It works very closely to the way Twitter does, but everything you would normally tweet, you quickly record with your webcam or mobile phone.  If you would normally tweet that you’re eating a delicious ham, you could quickly show people that you’re eating a delicious ham.  You can follow  your friends and see what they’ve been up to all day.  Each video has its own URL and people can add comments as well.  You can also choose to have your 12second updates pushed through to your Twitter account.

As of now, 12seconds appears to be in private alpha, but if I get any invites I’ll let you know!  The screencast below will show you how it works:

Click Here To Watch Better Quality 2m55s

9 Responses to “12seconds – Just About How Long It Would Take You To Type Your Tweet”

  1. It’s great… I really like it, already register to receive a invite. =D
    A little observation, the logo image of 12seconds the link is: http://www.12seconds.com =(
    Thanks to share.

  2. Thanks, Juarez! I fixed the link. If I get an invite before you, I’ll send it along!

  3. 3 12seconds

    molly! thanks for the great review and video tour. You have no idea how much it means to us. so cool!

  4. Very well done! So clear and concise. Thanks for taking a look at 12seconds.

  5. 5 12seconds

    Molly, may we use this demo on the 12seconds site? It’s killer!

  6. 12seconds – I’m so glad you liked the screencast! Feel free to use the demo on the 12seconds site. Thanks!

  7. 7 Owen

    Molly, you’re 30 ? waw ! ok , I was thinkin you were somethink like 23 or maybe 25, but anyways, I LOVE YOUR CAST AND AGAIN SCREENSHOTS SUCKS( but you have some into your blog :p)

  8. 12seconds is only a clone!
    spOtmob (http://www.spotmob.com) is the origin,
    spOtmob was launched a year ago!!!!!

  9. That is a cool service. About how often do 12seconds users generally post their updates to twitter? I am thinking most twitter users would get mad if they saw those videos too often.

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