Share Stories Over AIM and Twitter With The Apprise Reader


If you use an RSS reader and you’re a fan of Adobe Air Applications, then you may want to check out Apprise.  With Apprise, you can read story summaries, read the full story on the webpage itself, and share stories with friends via AIM and Twitter.

After you install the application, you can add your feeds manually by entering in the feed URL, or you can have Apprise fetch the feed URL for you by entering in the website URL.  You can also import/export feeds in OPML format.  You can add your Twitter and AIM credentials so that you can share articles with friends with a couple of clicks.  If you want to share a story over Twitter, just click the Twitter icon, add a short tweet to go along with the link, and click on “submit”.  To send an article to a friend via AIM, just click on the IM icon, select an available buddy from the list, or enter in a screen name.

Another feature that I really like is that you can sort through stories based on a specific author or topic.  This is really useful if a blog you read has multiple authors and posts on many different topics – Now you can just pick who and what you read about.  You can also do real time searches within all articles.  To learn more, watch the screencast below:

[via KillerStartups]

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4 Responses to “Share Stories Over AIM and Twitter With The Apprise Reader”

  1. 1 Owen

    Molly, why did you change the player style ?
    I love your tut again !
    keep it goin’

  2. 2 johnkolbert

    Uh, it’s actually pronounced “uh-prize”, not “uh-preez”.

  3. Johnkolbert – Tom-a-toes, Tom-ah-toes, but the dictionary does prove your point. Thanks for the correction.

    Owen – Thanks for watching! You can watch the full size videos if you click the link below the viddler player.

  4. 4 Owen

    Oh, Thx, but I was talking about the Camtasia default player. anyways, YOU ROCKS girl 😉

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