The Beginners “Why?” And “How-To” Guide To Twitter


Yesterday, in Southern California, there was an earthquake. Yeah, I know, big shocker. Some of you may know that I’m originally from Southern California and all of my immediate family lives there as well. I’m up in San Francisco now so I didn’t feel a thing and didn’t even hear about it on the news. I read about it on Twitter. I read about it from the people I follow on Twitter, one of them being my brother. Since he posted to Twitter, “I just felt an earthquake” I figured he was alright. But when I tried to call my Mom to make sure she was Ok, I just got a message that her phone line was down. That made me feel better. All I kept thinking was, “how do I get this woman to understand that she should use Twitter!”. Hopefully these two screencasts will help her, and your friends and family, understand what a great tool Twitter can be (when it’s working).

The first screencast is more of an explanation of Twitter, and how it can be used to connect with friends and family members:

Click Here To Watch Better Quality 2m15s

This screencast will give anyone new to Twitter the tools to get started updating, finding friends, and sending private messages:

Click Here To Watch Better Quality 2m58s

5 Responses to “The Beginners “Why?” And “How-To” Guide To Twitter”

  1. wow !~!! neat this is exactly what i was looking for… being a newbie at twitter it becomes sought of difficult to figure out how it actually works… thanks for sharing

  2. Molly, your demos are great! They’re simple, organized, and clear. The situation with your family and the earthquake is certainly a useful example. However, I would add that if you frequently write about mundane happenings that really aren’t important, you run the risk of being ignored.

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