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A few months ago I noticed a new icon in my Gmail account .  Upon clicking on it, I was brought to Gmail Labs, where new Gmail features are being tested. I played around with some of the features for a while but never really looked into them to see how they could really make […]

With the way most of us communicate with people from all over the world these days, wouldn’t it be nice if you could buy your Internet friend a drink – even if you can’t be there to toast with them?  Well, BuyYourFriendADrink is one solution, albeit limited in its locations. BuyYourfriendADrink allows you to purchase […]

If you live in a big city and drive a car then you probably understand what a nightmare trying to find a place to park can be.  Finding a spot is the first task, then you have to fork over change for a meter or pay steep prices at a private lot.  If you live […]

According to Wikipedia, when referring to electronics, a “brick” describes a device that cannot function in any capacity. The term “bricking” has been used feverishly this past weekend,  mostly due to the recent iPhone bricking catastrophe. The thing is, bricking is not just about your iPhone, and the good people over at Revision3 saw this […]

The new Facebook profiles are now ready for you to customize, tweak, and bitch about.  There’s just one thing you should know first – it’s just a test page, a lot of it doesn’t work, and nothing you do there will actually affect your live Facebook profile.  It should, hopefully, prepare you for an unavoidable […]

With the newest version of Firefox up and running, and only crashing about 4 times a week, I thought I would show you some Add-ons that are compatible with my record breaking browser of choice. WikiLook is an Add-on that allows you to look up the definition of any word on a web page, without […]

TweetDeck is a Twitter application built on Adobe Air that allows you to manage how you see your tweets, replies, and direct messages on Twitter. After you install TweetDeck you need to log in with your Twitter credentials.  The first time you log in you’ll see 3 rows of Twitter action – your friends timeline […]