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Vanished allows you to browse Websites that may not be appropriate for work, underneath a more appropriate site.  There’s nothing to download and can be quickly shut off if a co-worker creeps up behind you to see what you’re viewing.  Currently, some features, such as watching flash videos, only work in Internet Explorer but the […]

Ubiquity is a new experiment from Mozilla Labs that allows you to take bits and pieces of the Web and make them work together just by typing in basic text.  It’s an Extension for Firefox that allows you, as the user, to decide what Ubiquity should do.  This happens by giving Ubiquity commands.  On the […]

Remove It Permanently (RIP) is a Firefox Extension that allows you to remove images or text from a Web page with a simple right mouse click. After you RIP something, it will be deleted until you choose to undo it in your RIP options.  Besides being able to remove annoying banner ads or Myspace graphics, […]

If you’re a social networking addict and love to spy on see what sites your friends are hanging out on and what sites they’re bookmarking, then SocialU is an Adobe Air Application that you’ll probably dig.  I didn’t know what else to think when I first installed SocialU other than, “omg, it’s seriously a browser […]

Avakit is a service that allows you to create a profile with your your old phone numbers, email addresses, and other social networking information so that people who have lost touch with you can easily find you. Avakit works almost like a customized search engine for your contact information.  Before any of your information will […]

I’ll never forget the day when my brother glared at me with a look of disgust as I opened a new window in Firefox to type in a URL for a site he wanted me to check out.  Basically the conversation went something like this: “Wtf are you doing?! Why don’t you just open a […]

If you’re one of the sad souls mourning the recent shutdown of Muxtape, then I think 8tracks may just brighten your day.  8tracks allows you to create and share virtual mixtapes. 8tracks doesn’t work exactly like Muxtape, but the idea is somewhat the same.  You can upload your own music to create a mix, listen […]