Ididwork Is Like A Microblog For Work. But I Think It’s More


Ididwork allows you to create a microblog to record all of the things you accomplish throughout your work day.  You can share this information with other co-workers and your boss.  You can also keep it private as a way to track how you’re spending your time.  However, if you look at the screenshot under “Your recent work” you’ll see that I’m not just using ididwork for actual job related work.  I’m also using it as a microblog for all of my daily activities.

When you visit the homepage, you’ll see that it specifies “Keep a history of your work, and share it with your team”.  You can share your work with your team by entering in the email address your co-workers use for their ididwork account and after they approve you, you’ll have a feed showing all of your, and their, daily work accomplishments.  You can also share this information with your boss and choose to have a report sent to them weekly or monthly.  This is all great if you have a small team of people and want to see what projects each person has been working on.  You can also tag all of your activities so you can see what areas you’ve been spending the most time on.  There are also graphs that break down your daily activity according to your tags.  I think it can be much more useful though, as a way to keep track of everything you’re accomplishing throughout the day.

Right now there aren’t too many features on ididwork.  I would like to see the ability to log activities from your mobile phone, and a way to share certain activities with certain people.  For example, if I’m planning a party with “Judy”, I could create the tag “party” and every time one of us completes a task and tags it “party” it will show up in our shared feed and we’ll know what to move onto next.  I know this makes it sound like ididwork is a task manager, but that’s not where I’m going with this.  I think of it as a microblog of what I’m getting done paired with the ability to see what people I’m involved with are getting done as well.  To see what I mean, watch the screencast below:

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[via TechCrunch]

6 Responses to “Ididwork Is Like A Microblog For Work. But I Think It’s More”

  1. A couple of co-workers and I tested this week and we’re having a blast with it. I plan on writing a review on my personal blog and wanted to know if I could add your video in my post with a link to your blog. LMK if that’s fine.


  2. Hey Demo Girl, just wanted to say thanks from the ididwork team – I just stumbled on this demo video and thought it was great. Thanks!

  3. HeyStephanie – go right ahead and post the video and thanks!

    Reman – I’m so glad you liked the screencast! All the best.

  4. @demogirl: I just added the video to my post and linked backed to yours. Thanks for the awesome demo. :]

  5. 5 JJ

    Hi Demogirl,

    I like this screencast. It really helped me to figure out how to use I did work. Can I use your video to show some of my colleagues how to use it too?

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