Fuelly Shows Me That I’m Driving A Money Pit


Last week, I had the pleasure of briefly chatting with Scott Beale from Laughing Squid.  He showed me a new application on his phone that he saw demoed at The Start Conference, called Fuelly.  As the name implies, Fuelly is about your car and the fuel it uses.

After you sign up for Fuelly, you just need to enter in basic information about your car.  You have the option of tracking your MPG with trip mileage or your odometer reading.  You can also select English or Metric units.  You can also name your car, give it a description, and add a photo.  Think of it as your cars MySpace profile page, but obviously much cleaner and more useful.  After that, all you really need to do is remember to tell Fuelly when you put gas in your car.  Yes, there is a mobile version as well.

The more you use Fuelly, the more data will become available in your Fuelly account.  You’ll see information like the average MPG you’re getting each time you fill up, average price you’re spending on gas, and the total amount of money you’ve spent for the year.  It will also tell you how your car stacks up against EPA standards for your make and model.  Mine was not good.

Last, but not least, there is a social networking side to Fuelly allowing you to view other members data to compare with your own.  To see Fuelly in action, watch the screencast below:

Click Here To Watch Better Quality 2m46s

[via Laughing Squid]

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