Make Your PC A Little Greener With Edison


Edison is an application for Windows that allows you to control the amount of energy your PC is using during specific hours of the day.

It requires a download (28MB) and then you can choose how much energy you want to save and set a schedule of when this should occur.  You can enter in the hours during the day you’re normally working on your computer and the hours when you’re not.  Then just set the energy saving levels for each schedule.  You can adjust the settings for how long to wait before turning off your display, choose to power down the hard drive after a specified amount of time, and have Edison suspend, not turn off, your computer after a period of inactivity.

Edison will also show you an estimated annual savings on money, energy, and carbon dioxide.  To see what Edison does before you download it, watch the screencast below:

Click Here To Watch Better Quality 1m36s

[via Download Squad]

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