Zapproved Helps Groups Make Decisions


Zapproved is an application that helps you get approval for a project or event from a group of people.  It’s all done “email style” and allows for you, as the planner, to get a simple yes or no from people you’re working on a project with.

The first step is to create a proposal of what decision you need an answer for.  The proposal includes a title, due date, project title, priority level, and description.  You can also attach files to a proposal.  Then you just need to enter in email addresses of the people who need to approve your proposal and wait for them to respond.  Your recipients will receive an email where they can choose to approve, deny, or simply comment on your proposal.  In your Zapproved account, you’ll be able to track who has responded and choose to close or cancel the proposal.

Zapproved will also archive all of your proposals so you can find them later and store all of your contacts each time you add someone new.  To learn more about Zapproved, watch the screencast below:

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  2. 2 Randhir

    This seems cool. My favorite for these types of tasks is – very simple and very functional.

  1. 1 We (heart) DemoGirl « Zapproved

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