Upload Your Media To Multiple Destinations With Pixelpipe


If you belong to multiple social networking sites where you’re constantly adding photos and video, then Pixelpipe may just make your life a little bit easier.  Pixelpipe is a service that allows you to easily upload media to various services across the Web, from one location.

After you sign up for Pixelpipe, you’ll need to enter in your credentials for the various sites where you normally upload your media.  Currently, Pixelpipe supports 41 services including WordPress, Blogger, flickr, YouTube, and facebook.  Pixelpipe will know which services accept photos, videos, and which accept both.  You can add a title, caption, and tags as well.  The entire process just takes a minute and the end result is all of your media added to multiple services with very little effort on your end.  To learn more about Pixelpipe, check out the screencast below:

Click Here To Watch Better Quality 1m32s

[via ReadWriteWeb]

6 Responses to “Upload Your Media To Multiple Destinations With Pixelpipe”

  1. 1 Voltron43

    Do you have any invites to give away?

  2. Here’s an invite code for Demo Girl fans http://pixelpipe.com/signup?invite=demogirl08

  3. 3 Cecilia

    Thanks for the article and the invites =)
    It looks like a great service, especially for the social-media-addicted 😉

  4. Great video Molly. Love your videos. ps: we were gonna called my son Molly if he were a girl. Keep up the videos. They are fab 🙂


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