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Chrome is a Web browser that was launched by Google earlier today.  I’ve spent all afternoon testing it out and learning about all of the features, only to stumble upon something new just when I think I’ve got it all down.  I tried to keep this screencast short, but there is a lot to show off.  Unfortunately, Chrome is only available for Windows users but they say Mac and LInux versions are on the way.  If you want to see Chrome in action before you download it (or if you’re not running Windows) then watch the screencast below:

Click Here To Watch Better Quality 5m42s

12 Responses to “Screencast Tour Of Google Chrome”

  1. “We are so, so happy with Google Chrome,” mumbled Mozilla CEO John Lilly through gritted teeth. “That most of our income is from Google has no bearing on me making this statement.” –

  2. Ha! I was just thinking yesterday that it would be nice if DemoGirl screencasted Chrome so that I wouldn’t have to go out and learn about it on my own. Yes, I’m that lazy. 😉

  3. Nice, clear presentation covering much of chrome.

  4. i’m willing to try it out just to see if it works more efficiently than FireFox… if it’s faster than Firefox and isn’t IE, then i’ll use it

  5. 5 GDhuyvetter

    I downloaded Chrome on three different windows machines (all XP). On first impression I really like it. It’s very fast, and almost all pages load correctly.
    The only area that isn’t working yet is the Buzzword online word processor. I love this app, and use it almost exclusively for wp. Currently it loads, even though it says this is an unsupported browser, but it’s slower than on FF and it hangs up occasionally. I hope with time this will be resolved.

  6. 6 stezton

    How did you get amazon & google under your “searches” on the new tab? I can find no way to do it.

  7. 7 stezton

    Nevermind. I feel dumb. I posted that question before I finished watching the video. I see you showed how.

  8. Awersome!

  9. cool

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