A Friends Cry For Help – How To Disable The Awesome Bar In Firefox 3


The other day a friend of mine suddenly freaked out when he saw a long list of bookmarks drop down every time he started typing a URL into the address bar in Firefox.  I couldn’t understand the confusion because I thought everyone knew about “The Awesome Bar” in Firefox 3 and how to disable it.  Well, it turns out that he had just installed Firefox 3 and knew nothing about the “helpful” Awesome Bar.  It was very clear that he didn’t want any part of it so I sent him a link explaining how to disable it.  The response I got was, “That looks confusing, I’ll just install the old bar”.  I found that unacceptable and decided that if he didn’t know how to disable it, others may not either.  It’s a very quick fix and I think the screencast below should help anyone who would rather see how to disable it rather then read about how to disable it.  Oh, and I just noticed that it seems The Awesome Bar is now called the Smart Location Bar.  Whatever it’s called, if you want to learn how to make it stop, watch the screencast below:

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5 Responses to “A Friends Cry For Help – How To Disable The Awesome Bar In Firefox 3”

  1. whoa. I never thought someone would turn OFF the awesome bar.. weird 🙂
    Anyway, thanks Molly. Now I know how to add more suggestions to the bar.


  3. Thank you.Good work

  4. DOUGman – I’m not paranoid, I work at home and no one else looks at my laptop. The awesome bar got in the way when I was making screencasts. If I’m making a custom screencast for someone, they don’t want my random bookmarks showing up when I’m typing into the address bar. Also, some people like to keep things private and may have nosy co-workers.

  5. 5 Shane Arthur

    Hey D,

    Even though they are just snippits of the functionality of programs, do you ever feel like you are giving away your work by doing these demos? I’m sure Firefox (and many other companies whose products you’ve demo’d) would consider this conorstone content and pay for it.

    Does that ever cross your mind before you do these, or do companies actually ask you to create these “non custom” casts as well as the custom ones that they pay for.

    Hope I’m being clear here.

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