Yammer Gives Your Company Its Own Private Twitterverse


Yammer gives companies and organizations their very own space where they can communicate with each other about what they’re currently working on.  Think Twitter for business, but with better functionality.  Each Yammer account is connected to your company email address so only people with a valid company email address can join.

After you sign up, you’ll be able to add your co-workers to the account by entering in their email addresses.  Once everyone is in, you can communicate back and forth about what you’re working on.  There is a tab for everyone’s updates, another just for people you follow, one for your replies, and one for your own updates.  Everyone’s updates are shown in real-time so you never need to hit refresh.  You can also email any updates to yourself with one click – very handy if you need to look something over later and don’t want to search for it.  You can also create tags for projects you may be working on or a specific topic and you can follow those tags to keep yourself updated.  Yammer will also auto-complete member names and previously entered tags when you’re typing in your update.

Before I steer you towards the screencast I created of Yammer, I wanted to say congratulations to the Yammer team for winning the TechCrunch50!  I actually made this screencast yesterday afternoon but didn’t have time to write up the post until today.  I was truly excited about the service when I was trying it out and now I’m even more excited that they got the recognition they deserve.  If you want to learn about Yammer, watch the screencast below:

Click Here To Watch Better Quality 4m45s

2 Responses to “Yammer Gives Your Company Its Own Private Twitterverse”

  1. 1 alec dorling

    Yammer got the spotlight at Techcrunch but there is also statushq.com that launched at almost the same time

  2. 2 alec dorling

    Another new entry


    that provides Agenda items and time tracking
    it may be worth a viseo cast from demo girl

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