Hey Screencasters, Want To Get Noticed On YouTube?


If you create screencasts and are interested in drawing a bit more attention to yourself, then you may want to submit a few screencast tutorials to the Help Center on YouTube.

YouTube is asking its users to submit help videos, for various topics, and in return will embed the best ones in the Help Center.  There doesn’t seem to be any sort of a prize but if your video is selected you can bet on getting some attention from the “million+ users that visit the help center each day”.

I think this is a great idea but it’s unclear whether or not you’ll be linked to the video.  I’m assuming they’ll link to your YouTube channel page, but that’s just a guess.  So, if you like making screencasts and think you have something to offer then start making those help videos.  You only have until October 10th so start your screencasting software…now! (Thanks Amit!)

2 Responses to “Hey Screencasters, Want To Get Noticed On YouTube?”

  1. 1 Henrietta

    Thanks for the headsup! Found you though mindmeister, (followed your link) and think this is so awesome – you have a great idea here! look forward to more “demos”!

  2. 2 Shane Arthur

    I assume you will be submitting some?

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