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As the name states, PrintWhatYouLike is a handy little tool that allows you to edit any Webpage to only print what you like. 

It’s really easy to use:  Either enter in the URL of the Webpage you want to print or use the bookmarklet.  This will open up the site in the PrintWhatYouLike editor.  Then it’s as easy as selecting the text or images that you want included in your printed page.  You can also do things like remove the background, remove all images from the page, isolate certain areas, change the text size, and add parts of other Webpages to your final print.  To see PrintWhatYouLike in action, watch the screencast below:

Click Here To Watch Better Quality 2m12s

[via Lifehacker]

7 Responses to “Print Only The Content You Want With PrintWhatYouLike”

  1. Hey Molly, just telling you that the link lacks a ‘.com’

    Screencasts rock!

  2. Thanks, Adarsh! It’s all fixed.

    Glad you like screencasts!

  3. 3 Rod

    Thanks for this great tip. I print a lot of stuff for my kids and have been wasting huge amount of paper and ink with undesired prints.

  4. Is this program available for downloading (for checking out)? I couldn’t find anything about downloading the program but it sounded as if you could. Thanks. Stan

  5. 5 Chloe Reyes

    @Stan Kelely doesn’t offer a downloadable program.
    Instead, the website itself acts as an online service that works seamlessly and is integrated as an online sidebar tool (if you use its official bookmarklet) for your browser with the sole purpose of providing the user with various ways of customizing and removing parts of a webpage to prepare it for printing.

    In this way, only the necessary parts (of your choosing) of the webpage are printed.

  6. It would be nice if I could incorporate this in my site –

    Some sort of toolbar / widget that would allow the user to print parts of my page.

  1. 1 - - Free Webpage Editor

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