Organize Your Not-So-Important Email More Efficiently With OtherInbox (Invites) (Updated)


OtherInbox is an email service that wants to give you control over emails that come from services you sign up for and other various accounts you may have online.

At first, I didn’t understand why a service like this would be useful.  Why not just create a new hotmail or Gmail account for singing up for various services?  Well, because that can be a pain and waste time.  OtherInbox pretty much eliminates the need to create throwaway email addresses.

When you sign up, the username that you choose will be part of your OtherInbox email address.  But, when you use your OtherInbox email address, you can customize the domain each time you use it.  For example:  If I was signing up for Twitter, I would use as my email address.  My OtherInbox domain is but I can use each service or account as part of my domain when singing up for things. (Update:  In the screencast I said you use your username first as your OtherInbox domain and then the name of the service.  This is incorrect.  Use the service name first (ie. Twitter) followed by @ and your  Make sense?)

When you sign into your OtherInbox account you’ll see that each sub-domain has its own tab which contains the emails from that particular service.  So, since I signed up for Twitter with my OtherInbox email address, and since I used twitter as my sub-domain, Twitter has its own inbox within my OtherInbox account.

If a service starts spamming you, you can block all future emails from them with one click.  That means you no longer have to click on a link to opt out of receiving emails that you don’t remember ever opting into in the first place.

OtherInbox is currently in private beta, but they’re giving invites to the first 50 people who sign up by clicking on this link.  To see OtherInbox in action, watch the screencast below:

Click Here To Watch Better Quality 2m21s

5 Responses to “Organize Your Not-So-Important Email More Efficiently With OtherInbox (Invites) (Updated)”

  1. Great demo of! I’ve been using it for weeks and love being able to really use email again. The more I use it, the more I find myself putting it to work and getting more value from it. The bots stay in my OtherInbox and the real people get to communicate in a smoother, easier manner. This is the way email was supposed to be!

    Thanks, Molly!!


  2. Molly,

    Just want to say thanks for pointing me in their direction. I’ve used OtherInbox for almost a week now and it’s brilliant!


  3. I can’t thank you enough for introducing me to otherinbox. I am an avid reader of many internet marketers and other digeratti but for each subscription having to create folders and rules in my Outlook is a drag. Otherinbox makes it a breeze. Demogirl, you’re wonderful!

  4. I’ve used OtherInbox for a while now, and it’s very nice. The ability to create mailboxes on the fly is what makes this invaluable. While shopping for a car, I used an OIB email for an online form, and it has saved my real inbox from literally dozens of annoying emails from desperate car dealers. It’s cool that you can mark a whole email address as spam and forget about it.

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