Create Flow Guides For Your Users With ProductPlanner


ProductPlanner gives anyone with a Web service the ability to create easy to follow flow guides demonstrating anything from how to sign up for an account to how to invite friends to a service.

You start off by naming the flow, such as, “How to sign up for a Twitter account”.  Then you can add other titles such as the product name and what type of site it’s for.  Next add the steps that you want to show your user in the flow.  There is a list of pre-defined steps and you can fully customize them with your own titles and images from your own site.  I want to point out that I did find it difficult to figure out just how to customize a flow step, so that may be something they want to make more apparent.

You can choose to share your flows with a URL, which can be password protected, and get the embed code so you can use it on your site.  You can also comment on public flows listed in the gallery and save them to your favorites.  If you have a service and you want a quick and easy way to create a basic tutorial for your users, then I would definitely give ProductPlanner a look.  To see ProductPlanner in action, watch the screencast below:

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