Free Screencast Application, ScreenToaster, May Be My New Best Friend


ScreenToaster is a free screencasting application that can help anyone create simple screencast demonstrations.  There’s nothing to download and it’s so easy to use that you’ll be creating screencasts in minutes.


After a quick sign up you can immediately start creating screencasts.  Just click on “start recording” and your off!  Ok, so one downside is that the ScreenToaster page needs to stay open somewhere in your browser while you’re recording but you can select portions of your screen to record and easily cut out the ScreenToaster tab.  When you’re all through you can add captions and record audio to go along with your video.  Your videos can be kept private or made public to be viewed by others in the ScreenToaster community.  You can also link to your video, like mine here, and get the embed code.

When I first came across ScreenToaster I was a bit worried that because it is so easy to use, I would actually lose business because people would start creating their own screencasts instead of hiring me.  After trying it out though, I realized that while it does make nice screencasts, you can’t edit, use transitions and other effects, or clean up the audio like you can with the software I use.  I’ve decided that ScreenToaster may actually help me when it comes to doing professional screencasts.  I can have my clients send over a “rough” demo using ScreenToaster showing what they would like me to cover in my professional screencast.  It could be a much more efficient tool than screenshots and storyboards.  The learning curve is so small that I can’t imagine anyone having a problem using it.  Unfortunately, ScreenToaster is in private beta right now so if you want to see how it works, check out my screencast below:

Click Here To Watch Better Quality 2m34s

[via TechCrunch]

5 Responses to “Free Screencast Application, ScreenToaster, May Be My New Best Friend”

  1. Oh, don’t worry – you won’t lose business. Making a screencast takes quite a bit of effort and not everyone has a voice like yours.

  2. I’ve reviewed your demo and their site. I’m signing up to try ScreenToaster now. Hopefully it will work well with my lousy 256meg of RAM. If so.. could fill a huge need for me. I’ve developed a complex service and need to break it down, educationally, into small, consumable bits. You may have tipped me off to the miracle I’ve been waiting for.

    I tweeted your blog post.. hopefully you’ll pick up some new connections. Also, please consider bringing your presence to where you may make some valuable business connections in the medical and health care arena. Many of whom may need your service for their products.

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