Next Stop, Mayan Riviera


I’m off on my first vacation in who knows how long, and I’m not bringing Internet with me.  No Internet, no PC, no cell phone.  Actually, I don’t think my cell phone would work anyway.  If you’re looking for me, I’ll probably be here:

There’s also a chance I’ll have been eaten by him:


If I haven’t been eaten by a giant iguana or some sort of sea creature, and if I can get my ass out of that hammock, I’ll see you in in a week.

11 Responses to “Next Stop, Mayan Riviera”

  1. 1 Joe

    Feliz viaje Molly!

  2. 2 J

    Have a wonderful time. You most certainly deserve it. You have spent quite a bit of time enriching my life. Looking forward to your return.

    ps notice how I used otherinbox, I got that from you and LOVE it.

  3. bon voyage!

    don’t get eaten by a lizard.

  4. Congratulations for having succeeding to turn the Internet and phone off 🙂 I know how painful the idea can be… but that’s the only way to rest !

    Hope you’re having a good time with the lizard 🙂 Maybe *you* ate him 😉


  5. have a nice time!!!

  6. 6 roto

    Nice…but that’s so NOT fair. (kidding)


  7. Nice snowflake effect. Hope you had a great time.

  8. Thanks everyone! I had a great time and did not get eaten by an iguana. I did do a lot of hammock swinging though. You can never spend to much time on a hammock.

  9. 9 Owen

    seems like Mozly needs hollydays

  10. Wishing you lots of vacation time. And time to test drive some of the travel websites you demo-ed. We love the one you did for TripCart. Its on our site in the right hand side of the header.,Casino-Gambling.aspx

  11. Interesting, I have not heard about this

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