Telonu Gives Employees A Place To Vent


Telonu is a service that allows you to post “tells” or reviews about a company you currently work for, previously worked for, or wished you worked for.  Not only that, you can also ask questions like, “When’s the last time you got a raise?”, or, “Are we allowed to wear jeans to work?”.  Telonu also creates the same atmosphere for schools, brands, and people.


After you create a free account, you can choose to post reviews about any company or person you like.  You can choose to have your “tell” associated with your nickname, your real name, or remain anonymous.  You can follow people or companies and write on their “whiteboard” which is essentially like writing on someones wall in Facebook.  There’s also a question and answer section, which is a great way to get information about a company you may like to work for, from an inside source.


Telonu seems like a clever idea, but I’m not so sure why I should trust any of the reviews or answers to peoples questions.  Since you can remain anonymous, what’s to prevent people from completely lying about a company or, even worse, writing a horrible review about someone they don’t even know.  I think people should be held accountable for what they write and publish on the Internet, even if it’s just by forcing them to at least use a nickname.

To see Telonu in action, check out the screencast below:

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3 Responses to “Telonu Gives Employees A Place To Vent”

  1. and do a better job at this. It wont be long before Telonu becomes a junk site. Quality matters.

  2. Are a lot of companies listed on that site yet?

  3. 3 Jeff

    Margo, please!

    Glassdoor is decent. 8hours is a joke.

    Layoffdaily has a decent list of layoffs as does Twilightpad.

    Telonu is alright in my opinion.

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