Special Thanks To Sarah Lane And Martin Sargent For Having Me On TWiF!


My good friends Sarah Lane and Martin Sargent were kind enough to have me as their guest on their very special, second episode of This Week in Fun (TWiF).  If you’re unfamiliar with TWiF, I urge you to check out the first show here.


Basically, TWiF was a substitute for TWiT, the outrageously popular show by Leo Laporte.  Since Leo is away on vacation, he was kind enough to let Sarah take over the helm at the TWiT cottage.  I had a great time, but if you know me well,  then you’ll probably hear the terror in my voice.  Thankfully, since I’m close with both Sarah and Martin, I relaxed after a bit and they let me hang out for the duration of the show.

Thanks for having me on the show guys – you did a great job.  Let’s hope these are just the first two of many episodes of TWiF!

You can watch the show here.  [via odtv.me]


2 Responses to “Special Thanks To Sarah Lane And Martin Sargent For Having Me On TWiF!”

  1. You did great! Also, I will be checking you out on your Demogirl website, and look the show gave you another Tweep!

  2. Just saw you on TWiF. Great job! I’m going to have to read more over here!

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