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Plinky is a microblogging service that helps you share interesting content by giving you questions to answer, which are then transformed into your mini blog posts.  These questions are called “prompts” and their purpose is to nudge you into sharing fun and meaningful content – which is important  if you’re having trouble deciding what to […]

As you may know, I use a lot of video in my blog posts. Well, up until now I’ve been using Viddler to display the videos and also linking to a video hosted on our server. Today I upgraded my space and will be using their player to show off my screencasts. I think […]

ReminderFeed is a simple tool that allows you to send reminders right to your feed reader.  It’s free to use and is pretty much hassle free — meaning you don’t need to create an account to use it.  Just type in what you need to be reminded of, and subscribe to the feed. Just give […]

First of all, let me give you a little bit of background as to why I have such beef with Evite: It was two days before New Year’s Eve and I finally decided to send out invites for the New Years party I had planned on having for at least a month.  That part was […]

Power Twitter is a Firefox Add-on that greatly extends the feature list of Twitter. No more going to Twitter search to see if someone is talking about you – with Power Twitter you can search right from your Twitter account. After you install it just log into your Twitter account as usual.  You’ll now see […]

SiteLauncher is a Firefox Addon that helps you access your favorite sites with just a couple clicks on your keyboard.  After it’s installed you can launch the SiteLauncher manager which is already pre-filled with sites like Amazon, Facebook, Gmail, and Digg.  You can remove any of the sites you don’t have a need for and […]