Not Satisfied With The Feature List On Twitter? Try Power Twitter


Power Twitter is a Firefox Add-on that greatly extends the feature list of Twitter. No more going to Twitter search to see if someone is talking about you – with Power Twitter you can search right from your Twitter account.


After you install it just log into your Twitter account as usual.  You’ll now see a search box for searching Twitter topics, in-line media integration for TwitPics, YouTube videos, and flickr photos, as well as a facebook tab displaying all of your friends status updates.  But wait, there’s more!  If you hover over a users profile pic you’ll see a pop-up displaying their latest tweets, shortened URLs are summarized so you know what you’re clicking on, and there’s a ReTweet button included on any updates that contain a link.  Also included is Twitter search for a specific users Twitter stream.

To see Power Twitter in action, watch the screencast below:

Click Here To Watch Better Quality 1m47s

5 Responses to “Not Satisfied With The Feature List On Twitter? Try Power Twitter”

  1. bueno estoi nose en que sitio investigando aver que poedo hacer con este cacharro y todo esta informacion

  2. Hey Molzzz…

    I tried the power twitter .. installed and unistalled.. twice! but it doesnt show up on my twitter!!!

    How’d u do it?!


  3. OK so i checked again right now.. and I have NO IDEA why it wasn’t working before.. lol..

    Yeah, now it is – thanks Molzzz… 😀

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