Send Reminders To Your Feed Reader With ReminderFeed


ReminderFeed is a simple tool that allows you to send reminders right to your feed reader.  It’s free to use and is pretty much hassle free — meaning you don’t need to create an account to use it.  Just type in what you need to be reminded of, and subscribe to the feed.


Just give your reminder a title, a start and end date, and a description.  Optionally, you can also add a link and include a password if you want to password protect edits to your reminder.  ReminderFeed will then generate an RSS feed that you can subscribe to and share with others.  It’s a great way for anyone to quickly set up a reminder that won’t get lost in your inbox or sent to your already overloaded calendar every day.

To see ReminderFeed in action, watch the screencast below:

Click Here To Watch Better Quality 1m46s

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