Plinky Wants To Help Put An End To Blogger’s Block


Plinky is a microblogging service that helps you share interesting content by giving you questions to answer, which are then transformed into your mini blog posts.  These questions are called “prompts” and their purpose is to nudge you into sharing fun and meaningful content – which is important  if you’re having trouble deciding what to blog about.


When you log into Plinky you’ll immediately be shown the prompt of the day.  Today it was “Describe the coolest thing you’ve seen in another country”.  This is where you begin your “blog post”.  I posted about the Mayan Ruins I saw while on vacation last month.  You can add a map and more information like your favorite things to do or tips about the location.  After you answer the prompt you can then post it to other blogs you may have, such as Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger, or TypePad.  You can also push your post through to Facebook and Twitter.  That’s it.  Once you’ve answered a prompt, you’ve completed a blog post for the day!  Of course you can answer more prompts if you’re having fun.


There’s also a “Twitter-like” atmosphere in the Plinky community.  You can follow other users so you can see their answers to prompts, and you can favor answers you like.

These are some things I think Plinky could improve on:

When you add a location the map doesn’t automatically pin your location for you – you have to manually drag the map to the right spot.  This may be a bug, so I won’t hold it against them.  Also, there are only (at the moment) 10 prompts to answer.  That’s not enough content to keep people coming back.  There’s an option to write your own prompt, but it’s only a suggestion for Plinky and not necessarily going to make the cut of available prompts for everyone.  I’d really like to see a way for people to write prompts for their friends to answer, not for the whole community, but for specific people they’re following.  This would allow people who are following you to have the opportunity to ask things of you that they’re curious about.  Plinky just launched publicly on Thursday so I’m probably just reiterating things that are already on their to-do list.

To learn more about Plinky, watch the screencast below (hint: it looks great in HD full screen!):

[via Webware]

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