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I came across two services a week or so ago that were so easy to use that I wasn’t planning on making a screencast.  But after trying to verbally explain how one of them works to a friend of mine, I decided to take the time to share them here. First up is Twitlet:  Twitlet […]

Lizzer is a service that allows you to quickly search for and share links, photos, video, and more in email and blogs.  By installing the Lizzer bookmarklet, you can find and insert content into various services with just a couple of clicks. After you sign up you can add or remove services that you want […]

Trackle is a personalized online alert system.  It allows you to set up “tracklets” and be alerted for things like crime in your neighborhood, cheap airline tickets, new photos in your friends flickr photostream – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. After you sign up for an account you can begin choosing what […]

Doris is a dead-simple task manager that helps you see what you need to get done, and then check them off your list.  She’s pretty new to the scene and has slightly limited features, but she’s already very charming. Because of the way I’m speaking about Doris, you may think that she’s a real-life personal […]

A few days ago Gmail released a new feature in “Labs” called multiple inboxes.  It’s a handy way to see not only a preview of your inbox when you log into your Gmail account, but to also see a preview of certain emails that you apply labels to. In order to use multiple inboxes, you […]

Blu is a Twitter desktop application that makes most other Twitter desktop applications look like, well, not so pretty.  It’s only Windows 7 and Vista compatible so some of you may have to just watch the embedded screencast to see its beauty. After you download and run it, all you need to do is sign […]

GrubHub is a restaurant takeout and delivery service that finds restaurants in your neighborhood who are open and ready to serve you some grub.  It’s currently only available in Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, and New York, so my apologies if you’re not one of the lucky ones who gets to take advantage of this extremely […]

SlinkSet gives you a way to create your own public or private social news and link sharing site.  It gives you and your friends a way to share interesting stories with each other in a private environment or lets you create your own “Digg-like” site where stories are voted up or down and commented on. […]