Hungry And Lazy? GrubHub Will Find You Food! (select locations)


GrubHub is a restaurant takeout and delivery service that finds restaurants in your neighborhood who are open and ready to serve you some grub.  It’s currently only available in Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, and New York, so my apologies if you’re not one of the lucky ones who gets to take advantage of this extremely simple but useful service.


All you need to do is enter in your address and GrubHub will spit out a list of restaurants who not only have takeout, but who also deliver to your exact address.  There are menus listed for all of the restaurants and many allow you to order online, right from GrubHub.  In fact, if the restaurant has a logo present, GrubHub actually makes some money!


You can save menus to your “menu drawer” to find again later, read and write reviews, and share reviews via email, on Facebook, and Twitter.  You can also keep track of previous orders so you can reorder the same thing without any hassle and resume incomplete orders.  There are also sections for you to leave special requests for items you’re ordering and delivery instructions.  I’ve used GrubHub twice (the last two times I ordered delivery) and both times it worked great, without any problems.  I simply ordered my food online, and 30 or so minutes later my food was here.  I never even had to pick up the phone.  GrubHub sent me a confirmation email with a delivery time estimate as well.

I don’t know why I didn’t think of reviewing GrubHub before.  I’ve known about the service for quite some time and I guess I just assumed everyone else did too.  But after reading my friend Allen’s post here about how he had just stumbled upon the service, I felt that I should share it with my wonderful readers here as well.

To see GrubHub in action, watch the screencast below (best viewed in HD fullscreen):

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