Gmail Adds Multiple Inboxes And It Gives Me An Idea!


A few days ago Gmail released a new feature in “Labs” called multiple inboxes.  It’s a handy way to see not only a preview of your inbox when you log into your Gmail account, but to also see a preview of certain emails that you apply labels to.


In order to use multiple inboxes, you need to go into the Labs section of your Gmail account and enable it.  Then you can change the settings to display a preview of mail that has specific labels attached to it.  So, I have a panel with my regular inbox, one with Google Alerts set for DemoGirl, and one with all emails that are labeled family.

After I set up my different panels I decided I wanted to also get a preview of mail from one of my other Gmail accounts.  This takes a little bit of tinkering around with filters, but it’s pretty easy to do.  I thought this may be useful to you, so I decided to make a screencast.

After I patted myself on the back and then thought loudly, “Damn I’m Smart! Go Molly!”  for figuring out how to do this little task, I stumbled upon an article written by Josh Lowensohn from WebwareIn his article he describes, step by step, almost exactly what I am showing you in my screencast.  I just thought I would disclose that piece of info, since Webware is probably a far more read blog than DemoGirl.  So, Josh, I guess great minds think alike!

To see Gmail multiple inboxes in action, watch the screencast below:

4 Responses to “Gmail Adds Multiple Inboxes And It Gives Me An Idea!”

  1. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Hey!..
    Thnks for the tip..Will sure check out this one 😉

  3. You’re awesome! This has to be one of the best tips ever. I know you gave credit to Josh, but you making the vids is much more helpful. You do really great things!

  4. Thanks for the news tips. Ferry usefull

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