Doris App Helps You Stay On Track


Doris is a dead-simple task manager that helps you see what you need to get done, and then check them off your list.  She’s pretty new to the scene and has slightly limited features, but she’s already very charming.


Because of the way I’m speaking about Doris, you may think that she’s a real-life personal assistant – she’s not.  I just like giving life to things I find on the Internet, especially when they have such a lovely name.  In order to use Doris you just need to fill out a quick registration form and begin creating groups that you’ll add your tasks to.  By default you’ll have a group named today and a group named tomorrow, but you can change them to anything you want.  You could have a group for work tasks and a group for family tasks.  Then you simply add tasks to each group, which can be easily rearranged and moved into different groups with drag and drop.  There is also a task history and you can reinstate any task that you have previously marked as completed.  It’s so simple, I just had to create a screencast.


To see Doris in action, watch the screencast below:

[via WebWorkerDaily]

3 Responses to “Doris App Helps You Stay On Track”

  1. hhmm… I signed up for it. I wish there was some kinda widget/app that cud make your daily/weekly planner as a wallpaper – and update whenever you made changes.

    Moly, you know of anything like that>?!

  2. @tigerclaws – widgets are planned – probably a Mac widget will be the first that gets done.

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