Share Links and Media On-The-Fly With Lizzer


Lizzer is a service that allows you to quickly search for and share links, photos, video, and more in email and blogs.  By installing the Lizzer bookmarklet, you can find and insert content into various services with just a couple of clicks.


After you sign up you can add or remove services that you want Lizzer to search from.  Included are YouTube videos, Flickr photos, Google blog search, Google and Yahoo! Web search, and Google News search.  You can also add your Flickr and YouTube ID to have the ability to have Lizzer search through your own photos and videos that you have tagged.


To use Lizzer, just install the bookmarklet and click on it whenever you’re writing an email or a blog post and need to add links or media.  You can do a search for the content you need and insert items right from the bookmarklet.


My only problem with Lizzer is the number of search results it provides.  In some cases I was only getting 4 or 5 Google search results, which is obviously a lot less than I would see if I was doing a regular Google search.

To see Lizzer in action, watch the screencast below (best if viewed in HD full screen):

[via Mashable]

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