Archive for March, 2009 is a neat little tool that allows you to create an original URL that you can share on Twitter, Facebook, forums, and anywhere else that you don’t want to publish your real email address. All you need to do is enter in your email address on the homepage and enter in a custom […]

Freckle is a time tracking application that will help you track all of the time you’re spending on projects.  It also allows you to track the time you spend on unbillable aspects of a project, like research or phone calls.  With freckle, you’ll see how much time you’re spending on a project, how much time […]

A lot of my friends from high school, and even earlier, have found me on Facebook.  It’s a great way to see what each other has been up to and possibly even begin a new friendship, as adults.  With the good, there is also the bad.  Some of these friends don’t understand (or maybe don’t […] allows you to create a custom homepage, filled with links to all of your favorite Websites and blogs.  You can customize the way your page looks and even choose to be notified when a site you have listed has new content. When you create your account, you’ll choose a username which will be […] is a service that allows you to create playlists out of all of your favorite music as well as discover playlists that other users have created.  It’s completely Web-based and there’s no sign-up required in order to use it, although I recommend signing up to really get your hands dirty. You can begin […]

Tired of opening multiple browser windows or tabs to keep track of what is going on on Facebook or Twitter?  Want to grab a quick map to locate a restaurant you are reading about?  RoamAbout v2.0 is a great add-on to help you do these things and more.   DemoGirl has previously covered RoamAbout, but they […]

Having trouble remembering how you spent that $60 you just got from the ATM yesterday?  We found a simple Web site that can help you get a grasp on how you are spending your discretionary income.  Spendingdiary lets you easily keep track of items in categories created by you. You can log in daily to […]