What’s Your Twitter Standing? Find Out on WeFollow.


We here at DemoGirl found something fun for your St. Patty’s Day — WeFollow.  WeFollow is a twitter directory that makes it easy to find the top twitter users for popular (and even not so popular) twitter tags.


The site is easy to navigate and fairly straightforward.  The Homepage lists some of the top twitter tags and the top five twitter users for those tags.
You can also find the top 100 twitter users across all tags or do a search for a specific tag.  It’s actually quite refreshing to see that there are currently more people following Barack Obama than there are following Britney Spears.  I’m just saying….

So how can you get on the WeFollow site?  Well, first you have to add yourself to the directory and there is a place to do that on the WeFollow home page.  Click the link to go to your twitter account and send out a tweet with up to three tags you want to be listed under.
Then, go out and scrounge up some more followers.  I currently have 10 followers and am #3 on the #screencast tag.  Awesome!!

I enjoyed checking out WeFollow and I hope you enjoy the screencast.

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