RoamAbout 2.0 makes keeping tabs on your apps and feeds a breeze.


Tired of opening multiple browser windows or tabs to keep track of what is going on on Facebook or Twitter?  Want to grab a quick map to locate a restaurant you are reading about?  RoamAbout v2.0 is a great add-on to help you do these things and more.   DemoGirl has previously covered RoamAbout, but they just launched v2.0 and we thought we’d revisit this cool add-on.


It’s currently in beta preview mode for Firefox and I grabbed my private download from TechCrunch.  Once you’ve downloaded and installed RoamAbout 2.0, you can start customizing your apps menu.  There are 47 apps to choose from, including Google Maps, YouTube, Flickr, and Twitter.  When you click on an app from your menu, a small window pops up to let you do what you need to.  You can also enable notifications on some apps, like gmail, so you are notified when you have a new message.

The open bar, which sits on top of your status bar, will display your feeds.  You can see current twitter updates, facebook updates, or view news feeds.
I really like this add-on, but if I don’t want to see everything that is going on, I can simply close the apps and open bar.  Then I just need to click on the RoamAbout symbol to open it up again.  Just note that your status bar must be open in order to see that symbol.

To see RoamAbout 2.0 in action, watch the screencast below (best viewed in HD in full screen):

3 Responses to “RoamAbout 2.0 makes keeping tabs on your apps and feeds a breeze.”

  1. 1 Guy

    Thanks for the demo.
    BTW, what tool are you using to zoom in during screen capture? I’m searching for such a tool which will allow me to continue operate the screen and not just take a freeze snapshot and zoom in.

    • Guy, I’m using a screencasting software called Camtasia Studio. All the zooming is done post-production, not while doing the actual recording.

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